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CSC8599 - Project and Dissertation for Computer Game
Engineering MSc - Progress Report
The progress report will primarily be used to highlight the background work the student has
achieved so far on the project and the approach to successfully completing the project.
● A pdf that is at most 10 pages.
Use the ACM template and follow their guidelines:
Academic Supervised Project
A document describing related work associated with the project, concentrating on the
difficulties and challenges the project as a whole provides and how others have tackled
similar types of projects.
Industry Project
This is similar to an academic supervised project, but if there are NDA issues restricting
discussion of elements of the background work then a more general description is
acceptable (using related work in the public domain).
Report Outline
1. Abstract - one paragraph describing the project.
2. Introduction - One to two pages of text introducing the field of study to the reader
and the major problem the project tackles.
3. Related Work - Description of related work comparing such works against a common
framework (the problem describing in section 1).
4. Project approach - Based on comparisons of related work the student makes a
justified case for the project and says how they intend to proceed.
5. Project Plan - A plan outlining what has been achieved so far and what will be
achieved throughout the lifetime of the project.
6. Evaluation - Provide an overview of how evaluation will be achieved including any
proposed benchmarking assumptions and tools/testbeds/standards that are to be
10% of the project (this equates to 8 credits).


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